Why I believe P = NP

The mainstream belief is that P != NP. Of course nobody knows the answer with certainty otherwise I wouldn’t be making this post. I’m aware that people are going to be angry that I believe P = NP. However I do think it is a losing strategy to try to get everyone to have the same beliefs when it is not certainty but I’ll talk more about that in a later post.


This is a game played on a 19×19 board. No AI has ever come close to beating a top player. Even with a huge advantage given to the AI it is still crushed. The reason I believe is that our brains are using P = NP algorithms unconsciously. We are not fully aware of the computations our unconscious mind is making.

Most people are uncomfortable with not knowing why they did something so they claim it was “free will” (whatever that might be). “I did x because I chose to” rather than “I don’t know why I did x”. So when I suggest that there may be processes in their brain that they are not fully aware of they take offense.

No AI has ever beaten a competent Go player on a 19×19 board. And this will continue to be the case until we find an algorithm proving P = NP.

The arguments I’ve heard are that the brain is the ultimate parallel processor. If that’s the case, why can AIs beat humans at small boards? The important thing to note is that as the board size increases, the humans get better and better against AI. My intuition says that this is because the number of potential games increases by 2^n where n is the number of intersections (squares) on the board. Our primitive AIs are exploring all of this tree whereas our unconscious mind is doing some sort of mysterious computation (which if we had in writing would prove P = NP) that allows us to not be very affected by the size of the board.


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