Bit Trip Runner is Not a Platformer.


Bit trip runner isnt a platformer. It would be easy to mistake bit trip runner as a platform game. But the truth is that it isn’t at all – it is merely an illusion. The game play is functionally identical to Guitar Hero. You have no control over the speed or direction in which you travel, you just have to press jump or duck (etc) at the right time.

It’s basically like how a shooter on rails is to a normal shooter. Much less freedom. An argument that it is a platformer is that in some cases you have decisions to make. You can either stay at the top or jump down for alternate paths. In a true platformer, the number of paths you can take is infinite because there is no time limit. If there was a time limit ina  normal platformer the number of potential paths would be finite but extremely large, but being finite would put it in the same ground as bit trip runner. So perhaps platformers with time limits are fundamentally different to ones without time limits.


2 thoughts on “Bit Trip Runner is Not a Platformer.

  1. Gina, I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. Fostering joy, hope and inspiration – who could ask for more. And I love the quote by C.S. Lewis – I’ve never seen it before, and it’s so true. Thanks for making a real coitributnon …. Jeanne

  2. அகாலமாய், திடீà®°ென நண்பர்களை இழக்குà®®் வலி என்னவென்à®±ு நானுà®®் à®…à®±ிவேன் இளங்கோ..என் தோà®´ி லதா இப்படித்தான் மறைந்து போனாள்(தற்கொலை)..அவளை நினைத்து நான் எழுதிய à®’à®°ு சில வரிகள்…"எங்கு மறைந்தாய்?"புலம்பல்களுக்கு நடுவே..பூக்குà®®் சிà®±ு புன்னகையில்,புத்தம் புதிதாய்..பிறக்குà®®் நம் அடுத்த போதுகள்..இனி..புலம்ப,உனக்கிà®°ுக்காது பொà®´ுது,புதிதாய்,சாய்ந்து கொள்ள ,எங்கு நான் தேடுவேன்இன்னொà®°ு விà®´ுது?

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