Game Design: Not Enough Focus On Fundamentals

Nothing irritates me more than seeing poor animation in games. Most games can’t even animate people walking up hills properly, its pathetic. Instead, they spend all their money on graphics. This is what I can’t fathom. Graphics really don’t matter. They’re just there to look good. Animations on the other hand do matter. If a person can’t walk up a hill then something is wrong with that universe. Another common animation that goes wrong is going up ladders. In halo, the animation of you going up a ladder is the same as you walking horizontally (except obviously you travel vertically). It’s ridiculous. It totally ruins the immersion of the game. Unlike graphics, you don’t get used to it because it makes no sense.

Another example from Halo is that when picking up a weapon, the weapon just teleports to your person onto your back without so much as a “hello”. How does that work? This teleportation technology could be used against the enemy with deadly effect.

Games developers should focus on AI and animations, not on raw graphics.


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