Why You Treat (And Should Treat) Races Differently

A lot of people have the belief that the race of a person has no influence over what they think of that person or how they treat that person. I’m going to demolish that idea and explain why it would be irrational to act and think that way.

One might at first jump at the idea “How can you possibly know more about what a person’s real beliefs are than that person?” My reply is quite simple: logic. I will not apologize or hesitate to think that in some cases I have a better understanding of a persons thoughts than they themselves do.  I’m not claiming to be a psychologist. I just apply reasoning and knowledge to any situation.

The simplest example to show that people treat races differently is to ask them what they would say if you asked them what colour a black persons skin was and what colour a white persons skin was. In these two scenarios they person would give different answers.  This establishes an indisputable truth that people treat others differently because of their race (skin colour is determined by race).

Here’s a more complex example.  Suppose you are looking to hire someone for a job. You look at two peoples résumés. They are identical. The only thing separating these candidates is the fact that you know that John is black and Frank is white. How should you act?

Most would flip a coin. I wouldn’t. The rational action in this situation is to do some research into each race into how well they do in the job required. There’s statistical data out there for the crime rate of black and white citizens. Black people commit more crimes so if you were hiring for a security job, you should pick the white person. If you were hiring a person to sprint places (eg a Sprinter) you should be aware that the top sprinters in the world are black and therefore it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that the black person is more likely to be faster than the white person.

It is right to treat people differently. One popular misconception is that everyone is equal. This is not true. Everyone is a different size, a different height, a different smartness. The collection of genes that make up a person can be good or bad. The genes for multiple sclerosis is bad and the genes for intelligence is good. To think that all races have an equal chance of having genes is simply a demonstration of your ignorance about genetics.

Black people are more likely to commit crimes. Does stating this fact make me racist? Some would say yes, others no. I have avoided using the word “racism” because it only confuses. My mission here is to be as clear and concise as possible and using such a loaded word would make that incredibly difficult.

The question is “Do you believe that one race is better than another?” I would say that some genes are better than others and I believe that not all races have an equal chance of having a given set of genes. Since a race is essentially defined as a collection of genes, the only way that all races could be equal is if the goodness and badness of all the variation of genes added up in such a way that the differences summed to zero. The only way you would think this is true is if you began beforehand with the assumption that all races are equal therefore the sum of the differences of races must sum to zero. Without that assumption you can’t prove that races are equal.

Does that makes me a racist?


3 thoughts on “Why You Treat (And Should Treat) Races Differently

      • At least you’ve come to accept your own failings as clearly you fall into the genetic negative, based on what I’ve read here. It’s good to recognize this about yourself. Maybe in time, you can overcome your genetic negative and learn to function as a full and productive member of society anyway.
        Best of luck with that.

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