Chess Is Dead

Chess AIs are now far better the top GMs (Grandmasters). This has dire consequences for the realm of chess players. It allows cheaters to use AIs to help them play. This devastates the game as it. Previously, cheating would have been impossible at the top level since it would be impractical for a GM to assist you playing. It is now possible to run a program on your smartphone that plays better than the best player in the world. If a person goes to the toilet in a chess match, how do you know that they aren’t putting the board onto their phone for analysis?

Chess online is also ruined. It’s impossible to know if you’re playing against a human or an AI. AI isn’t a plague but it’s more thrilling as a game knowing that you’re up against a human. I am in favour of AI.

It’s time for the GMs to find a new game to play. We have been exceeded by computers. There is no need to keep playing a game that computers have become better than us at. It’s a waste of your time. I don’t mind if you genuinely enjoy chess and continue playing. But as a form of art chess is no more. It is now solved by the brute force of computers.

I am learning to play Go because there is no AI in sight that could come anywhere near the top players on an 19×19 board. It’s exciting to know that the realizations you have cannot be beaten by a computer enumerating all possible moves.


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